F8 Speaker Stands are a must-have accessory for your MIXPACK Express portable PA system.

With a compact, foldable design and durable aluminum construction, each F8 Speaker Stand is ready to go wherever you bring your MIXPACK Express system. Their aluminum bodies make F8 Speaker Stands lightweight and strong; they’ll give your MIXPACK Express speakers the elevation they need to properly fill a venue with sound while adding very little weight to your MIXPACK Express system, keeping it mobile and easy to transport.

Each F8 Speaker Stand comes equipped with easy to use knobs for quick adjustment and breakdown, and each has a steel safety pin that ensures your speaker will stay at the height you set.

Give your MIXPACK Express system a lift with F8 Speaker Stands from Alto Professional.

Technische Daten: 

Compatibility: Works with all Alto Professional MIXPACK series speakers

Height: Adjustable

Dimensions (WxLxH): cm x cm x cm

Weight: lb


Bluetooth Audio Adapter
Stereo Bluetooth Adapter
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